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Work Independence Network (WIN), an innovative collaboration between Harrison Medical Center, Kitsap County Developmental Disabilities, and Able Opportunities, Inc. We develop successful recruitment & retention business models for hiring people with disAbilities.

"WIN supported employees have made our jobs more efficient; we can now devote more time to patient care"

~ Harrison coworker

The National unemployment rate for people with disAbilities hovers at 70%. Half of this group want to work and cannot find jobs. WIN is an innovative program created to change this statistic. Collaboration is key. Harrison Medical Center has taken a leadership role in designing and demonstrating a replicable model for businesses. A successful pilot project with 2 employees was completed in January 2007. Within 18 months, 29 employees across 17 departments were hired by Harrison and supported thru WIN. We are determined, creative and business minded. We’d like you to be our next success story. Join us!

WIN staff work with you to identify positions that support your company needs. Jobs can be existing or developed, sometimes combining tasks pulled from more highly trained staff who earn a higher wage. WIN staff help advertise positions and narrow the field of applicants to qualified candidates ready for you to interview. Able Opportunities, Inc. staff WIN employment specialists within your company; we are there when you need us, providing one point of contact for in-house and community referrals and questions. After hiring your new employee, a WIN employment specialist ensures that each task is trained to satisfaction. Employment specialists are available to support your employee to retrain, train on new tasks, and educate co-workers; they are an accommodation, supporting the development of natural supports and work relationships. We implement accommodations to creatively remove barriers, which inevitably benefit the entire team. A smart business model- you’ll be tapping into a talented underutilized applicant pool for cost-effective labor.Your workplace will closely mirror the diversity of your community.

"Making WIN a part of our department has been seamless- the employment specialist makes it so easy!"

~ Harrison Supervisor

"The employment specialists step in when training is needed & otherwise support me to have my own relationship with my coworker!"

~ Harrison Coworker
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