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Able Opportunities, Inc. is in the business of solutions. We are committed to learning from those we serve: people with disAbilities, their families, teachers, employers, and community partners. Barriers to basic interactions, community, home, school, and work settings alert us to the need for more functional and accessible accommodations.

Consulting with schools to establish culturally relevant accessible programs for deaf, hard of hearing, and deaf blind children. Out on the tundra in Alaska, we located donations to sponsor well known deaf storytellers to perform at Cama-i, an annual gathering of artisans and performers in Bethel. Deaf children and their families were flown in from villages to spend the weekend with these wonderful language role models. Qualified interpreters were hired in schools. This event began life-long connections and positive changes to educational goals and programming. Creative language projects such as book-making and film-making allowed for relevant content presented bilingually.

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