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School To Work (STW) Collaboration: 

Person-Centered Planning, Low/High Tech Accommodation Assessment & Training, Community Based Assessments, Job Search & Development / Job Placement, Job Coaching / Job Retention, & IL Services.


WIN, Work Independence Network: 

A collaborative project with Harrison Medical Center to hire and retain employees with disAbilities.


Work Autonomy App (wA): 

A Person-Centered Accommodation Tool. Now available on iTunes!





If you are looking to find services, the first step is to look into State and County options. For Washington State residents, access the Developmental Disabilities Administration through DSHS. 


If you are looking for long term support, you may find specific information regarding Waivers.


For short term services regarding employment, independent living skills, and access to accommodations and assistive technology, visit the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. There are offices throughout every County.

If you are looking for short term services and have a visual impairment, visit the Department of Services

for the Blind.



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