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Jennifer L. White has worked in the field of rehabilitation since her first paid job with the ARC of Bucks County, PA. After a career as a special education teacher, she opened Able Opportunities, Inc., a national consulting and local vocational rehabilitation company. She works with a broad range of people, specializing in vocational, education, and communication goals and programs for children and adults. She has worked as a researcher at the University of Washington to develop accommodation strategies and tools to increase integration for those with more severe disabilities, in Alaska designing vocational, residential and educational programs serving First Nation People and communities, and has developed and trained nationwide on non-linguistic communication strategies that promote self determination and autonomy. In 2006 she created the Work Independence Network (WIN) Program, a replicable business model for hiring and retaining employees with developmental disabilities in collaboration with Harrison Medical Center and Kitsap County DD.  Jennifer is known for innovative, business-minded strategies and for working in minority populations where issues of privilege and cultural respect are vital to long-term success. In 2014 she launched the Work Autonomy App, a person-driven accommodation tool.  As a technical assistance consultant and a Subject Matter Expert for the national Employment First project, she works with state teams, schools, employers, families, counties, providers and agencies on Employer Engagement, Customized Employment, Innovative Technology Tools and Collaborative Design that lead to increased paid employment opportunities.  Jennifer brings contagious enthusiasm, functional tools and exceptional services molded by decades of experience and a genuine belief in the value of diversity.

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